When reality breaks from us: lived experience wisdom in the Covid-19 era

(10 September 2020)

Florence AC, Miller R, Bellamy C, Bernard P, Bien C, Atterbury K, Bragg C, Diaz A, Gardien E, Guy K, Hansen C, Maclean K, Milton B, Nelson L, Samoskevich J, Smith S, Stanojlovic M, Wexler T, Zorzanelli R, Davidson L, Psychosis 2020; 12(4):363-367


The emergence of Covid-19 disrupted most aspects of life, creating a high degree of uncertainty and unpredictability about the future. Knowledge from a place of lived experience offers insights and strategies to better understand how to live, grow and thrive through the difficulties that people who experience mental health challenges, other disabling health conditions, people of colour, and people from lower socio-economic backgrounds have overcome. We report on a programmatic effort to investigate how lessons learned through lived experience could be useful to persons who are dealing with a destabilizing situation like this pandemic for the first time, especially mental health providers. Read more