An exploration of Public Attitudes towards LGBTI Rights in the Gauteng City-Region of South Africa

(May 2016)

Mahomed, F. & Trangos, G. Journal of Homosexuality, 63, 10, 1400-1421

South Africa’s legal framework on the rights of sexual minorities is one of the most progressive in the world. Despite this, discrimination and violence against gay and lesbian people continues to be a challenge. Using large-scale survey data gathered in the Gauteng City-Region, this study examines public attitudes related to homosexuality. Most respondents to the survey felt that sexual minorities should have equal rights. However, a considerable proportion of respondents also held negative views towards gay and lesbian individuals, with close to two-fifths of respondents believing that homosexuality is against the values of their community and over 12% of participants holding the view that it is acceptable to be violent towards gays and lesbians. Further analysis also consists of an examination of responses cross-tabulated with the variables of race, gender, age and education, revealing that younger, well-educated South Africans tend to be the most tolerant, but also exhibiting large variances in attitudes within groups. Read more