Generativity among persons providing or receiving peer or mutual support: a scoping review


Jordan G, Grazioplene R, Florence A C, Funaro M, Davidson L, Bellamy C, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 45(2), 123–135 (2022)


Objective: People with lived experience of mental illness or distress can help others recover through peer or mutual support. One way they may help others recover is by fostering generativity, which refers to one’s concern for and contributions toward the betterment of others, including future generations (e.g., through caregiving, engaging in civics). Generativity may add purpose to one’s life, benefit society, and improve areas which persons with lived experience feel are important for their recovery. Despite its importance, the state of knowledge on experiences and facilitators of generativity, as well as the impact that engaging in generativity has on the lives of persons engaged in peer or mutual support, is unclear. Read more