“No hay salud mental sin justicia social”: Desigualdades, determinantes sociales y salud mental en Chile

[“No mental health without social justice”: Inequalities, social determinants, and mental health in Chile.]


Jiménez-Molina, Á., Abarca-Brown, G., & Montenegro, C. (2021). Revista de Psiquiatría Clínica, 57


Inequalities in living conditions negatively impact the mental health of individuals and communities. This article aims to describe some of the main lines of research and reflection on the relationship between inequality and mental health. More than a systematic review, it contributes to the public debate about the material, symbolic and subjective dimensions of inequality, emphasising some mechanisms that allow for understanding its relationship with mental health. Among these dimensions we address income and gender inequalities in addition to others that have received less attention in national and international studies: inequalities in participation, in daily interaction, and socio-territorial and time-use inequalities. Finally, we mention some theoretical limitations of traditional research on health inequality and suggest potential lines of research that can guide studies on inequalities and mental health. Read more