Digital Futures in Mind: Reflecting on Technological Experiments in Mental Health & Crisis Support

Bossewitch, J; Brown, L; Gooding, P; Harris, L; Horton, J; Katterl, S; Myrick, J; Ubozoh, K; Vasquez Encalada, A, University of Melbourne, SSRN (September 1, 2022)


Urgent public attention is needed to make sense of the expanding use of algorithmic and data-driven technologies in the mental health context. On the one hand, well-designed digital technologies that offer high degrees of public involvement can be used to promote good mental health and crisis support in communities. They can be employed safely, reliably and in a trustworthy way, including to help build relationships, allocate resources and promote human flourishing.

On the other hand, there is clear potential for harm. The list of ‘data harms’ in the mental health context is growing longer, in which people are in worse shape than they would be had the activity not occurred. Read more ….